Qualification in the women’s tournament started


Women’s qualification tournament of FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Warmia Mazury Grand Slam Olsztyn 2016 started with a defeat of a Polish duo Agata Trybuła/Monika Gorzka. Players from Czech Republic turned out to be better. In the first round of qualification, there are two other Polish teams: Adamek/Gruszczyńska, Wołoszyn/Zdon.

Polish duo started the match well- successful serve by Trybuła helped them with making three-points leading. However, Czechs also served well as there were able to led 10:5. Poland couldn’t have found a way to stop the rivals and some single actions were not enough to change the score. As a result, White-and-Reds lost the set 16:21.

The second set was more tough. Despite Czech duo tried to build some advance, Polish players fought well. However, after technical time-out Czechs’ successful actions helped them with building 14:9 leading. Trybuła/Gorzka didn’t manage to catch up and, as a result, they lost also the second set.

We could have played better, but we were a bit scared with the rank of the event- said Agata Trybuła. We made a lot of mistakes, we should have played more confidentally. We have to improve a lot of things, but tactics was played as we planned before the match- added Monika Gorzka.

Tresnakova/Dostalova CZE [17] – Trybuła/Gorzka POL [16] 2:0
(21:16, 21:16)


The second match of Polish duo didn’t go well for Wołoszyn/Zdon from the very beginning. Makhno In./Makhno Ir. from Ukraine took the leading from the very beginning and their confident attacks only increased the advance (8:4). The first set was finished with Wołoszyn’s mistake. The second set was just a confirmation that Ukrainian duo was better today. Timeout called by Poland didn’t help them with catching up and finally the set was finished 21:7.

- We want to improve everything in our game. It’s very hard to go out from the hall and play on the beach after two weeks of practicing. We need some time.- said Aleksandra Zdon and Agnieszka Wołoszyn.


Wołoszyn/Zdon POL [19] – Makhno, In./Makhno, Ir. UKR [14] 0:2
(11:21, 7:21)


Far better moods after their first match in the tournament had another Polish duo playing in qualification. Adamek/Gruszczyńska started the game very well and their strong attacks and successful serves helped them with making a leading 6:1, 11:2. Pierangeli/Sittig from Republic of South Africa tried t catch up, but Poland firmly ended the first set 21:10. In the second set, Pierangeli/Sittig made a lot of mistakes, but nice blocks by Polish duo led them to the final victory.

We made some mistakes, but we are happy about our game and the most important thing is we didn’t let the rivals to take over the control. We saw previous scores of that duo so we knew they lost to 5 or 7 sometimes but of course, we can’t neglect anybody.- said Natalia Gruszczyńska.

Pierangeli/Sittig RSA [15] – Adamek/Gruszczyńska POL [18] 0:2
(10:21, 10:21)

Polish duo Adamek/Gruszczyńska didn’t manage to go successfully through the second round of qualification. More precise game let Brazilians Maria Antonelli/Lili build a leading at the beginning of the first set (6:1). Bigger experience of Poland’s rivals was visible, adding their good serves, Maria Antonelli and Lili won the first set 21:9. The second set began in a very similar way. Brazilians scored more and more because of their successful counter-attacks. Agnieszka Adamek and Natalia Gruszczyńska couldn’t have found a solution for more experienced rivals and lost their match 0:2.

- In this event, we wanted to play our best and try to fight with such a rival, because we don’t have many occasions for that. I think we could have played better, but we were more stressed than in our first match. We needed more luck, we risked because we thought we could do more then, every point was important. In order to improve our game, we need to practice more, because we don’t play together for a long time.- said Natalia Gruszczyńska.


Adamek/Gruszczyńska POL [18] – Maria Antonelli/Lili BRA [2] 0:2
(9:21, 6:21)